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AZ Aspire Academy’s Module

AZ Aspire Academy is committed to providing the best and most individualized learning experience for every student. Tuition and fees are listed below. Tuition does include one post-secondary education course for every high school student eligible. Our programs and tuition are as individualized as our students and are based on academic and behavioral needs. Please contact us with any further questions or for assistance with our tuition and services.

2024-2025 Tuition and Fees

We work with you to create an Educational Plan for each unique learner, both
on-campus and off-campus.


Annual Tuition
(Our Program includes two periods of 1:1 core instruction per day. Students also receive one period of Social Emotional Learning, History or Science, and one elective course per day with peers)
1:1 Tutoring/Instruction (On campus per period) $90
1:1 Tutoring/Instruction (Off campus per period. (Price can vary depending on distance and instructor) $120
1:1 Tutoring/Support with a Paraprofessional $55
District Placement Fee (monthly) $400/ month
Registration Fee $100
Curriculum Fee $350
Executive Function Support (per period) $90
Speech, OT, PT (per hour) $150
Counseling Services $150


** We accept all ESA funding and STO funding and have personnel to assist
with funding options **
**Group classes are offered to those students who meet the behavioral and
academic expectations of the course**
**There is a 2-hour minimum per day for off-campus instruction sessions**

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