Complete School Experience


 AZ Aspire Academy Offers a complete school experience with a unique 1:1 and small group instruction model for all students grades K-12.
Students can receive a small, structured, and conducive environment for learning at one of our many campuses or online. We offer full-time programs with 1:1 instruction in Mathematics and English Language Arts with small group (6-8 students) courses also included. This rigorous and nurturing instruction model provides learners with social experience and individualized attention to their unique learning style.
We are an accredited private school through Cognia which allows high school students to receive high school credits and a diploma upon graduation. Our diplomas are recognized by colleges and universities across the nation. Our students have been accepted to college both in and out of the state.
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  • 1:1 Instruction
    Students receive self-paced and mastery-based coursework. Their curriculum is individualized to meet their needs. All 1:1 instruction is done at their private desk. Students have access to instructors and resources to create a successful and engaging learning environment.
  • Small Group Instruction
    Students receive small group instruction in the areas of STEM, Art, Social Life Applications, Movement Learning, History, & Science. These group classes of 6-8 students provide students with social experiences, collaboration, and group learning while still receiving individualized attention, accommodations, and modifications.