Success for every student

Here at AZ Aspire Academy we understand that each and every student is unique. Every student learns in their own way and that is why our instruction models have been developed to easily allow for modifications while still continuing to provide the same content and allow each to student to master the material. Here at all of our campuses we can accommodate a variety of aspects that can impact the learning of the student. These may include but are not limited to the time of day a student attends class, where they attend class, who instructs the students, and how they receive the material.

The one-to-one instruction provides them with a close teacher-instructor relationship to make sure they are truly understanding and engaging in their core subject. Along with the one-one instruction model they are also provided with small group classes of up to six-one instruction which improves social, emotional, and behavioral practices along with course material. The incorporation of both instruction types provides each student with a balanced and well-rounded school day improving them not only academically but also as a person. Success for every student is our goal and we have the experience, resources, and expertise to provide that for every single student.