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This service is utilized for a variety of different reasons for all types of students. Home-bound services allows us to provide the same education to a student that is at one of our campuses from their own home or location. This can be used for transitional purposes, medical reasons, behavioral limitations, and many more.

Virtual Classroom Instruction 

AZ Aspire Academy can bring our one-to-one and small group instruction to any student in the state of Arizona. This instruction model is great for students with learning differences located outside of the Phoenix metropolitan area. We can utilize the same curriculum and content that we would at one of our brick and mortar campuses online. Our teachers will use Google Hangouts or Skype to instruct the student. This allows the teacher and student to see each other and work through the course together. This is a great instruction model for students who are not ready for a campus environment or who are not logistically capable of attending in-person.