Health Policies

Read AZ Aspire Academy’s Health Policies

At Home Before School

  • Parents need to check symptoms and temperature before bringing their child to school. Symptoms include but are not limited to: a cough, sneezing, runny nose, fatigue, diarrhea, shortness of breath, nausea, vomiting, and / or 100.4 or above temperature.
  • If your child has chronic allergies, you will need to provide a signed note to the Campus Lead stating such along with any symptoms that the student typically experiences as a result of those allergies. If there is no file note indicating such, your child will be sent home for allergy symptoms.
  • If your child has COVID-like symptoms as a result of another chronic illness (gastrointestinal issues, migraines, etc.) a signed doctor’s note will need to be on file indicating the chronic illness and symptoms that follow. Without this note, your child will be sent home for these symptoms and asked to quarantine for the requisite period outlined by the Maricopa County Isolation Guide.
  • Children can ONLY bring belongings that fit inside of a pencil case to school along with their lunch and water, no other personal items that are not approved by a Campus Lead. One pencil case will be provided by AZ Aspire Academy to each student.
  • Children must bring a lunch from home that they can eat at their desk without use of a fridge or microwave as well as a water bottle- water fountains will not be open for use on campus.
  • No cubicle decorations aside from what can fit in the pencil case

Arriving at School

  • Upon arrival, students will line up six feet apart or stay in their vehicles until the doorway is clear to enter
  • At the door, there will be two staff members wearing masks: one to sign you in and one to check your child’s temperature. Staff will also be conducting a quick symptom check questionnaire at the door.
  • All students with a temperature of 100.4 or higher will not be permitted to attend school that day. If parents drop them off, parents MUST wait until their temperature is checked before driving away. If children take public transportation and have a fever, they will wait in an isolation room until their parent can pick them up. PLEASE make yourself available for the first 15 minutes of school in case your child has a temperature and needs to be sent home.

During the School Day

  • During the school day, all teachers will wear masks or face shields with a bandana attached to the bottom (if they are unable to wear a mask) at all times.
  • During one-to-one classes, students will only be within six feet of their teacher and will not intermingle with other one-to-one instructors or students.
  • CDC mandated posters have been hung around each campus asking students to wash their hands, socially distance, and to self-check for symptoms
  • Students will not be permitted to decorate their desks as they have done in the previous years, but they are permitted to hang up limited pictures or drawings.
  • Although a select few virtual clubs will be hosted online, no in person clubs will be held during the fall semester.
  • Limited campus tours will be proceeding during the school day, with all visitors wearing a mask, getting their temperature checked, abiding by social distancing guidelines, and following our “visitor protocol” sent to each touring family by our Marketing Director.


  • Students will be storing lunch at their desks this year and eating in the lunch room or outside at a social distance from each other
  • There will be no community use of the refrigerators or microwaves on campus this semester
  • Once students finish their lunch, a teacher will come by with a disinfecting wipe to sanitize their desk

Group Classes

  • If your child is in middle school or higher and is participating in group classes on campus, they will be required to wear a face shield or mask at all times during that group class, as students will not be distanced six feet apart during this hour
  • If your child is in elementary school, plexiglass dividers or social distancing measures will be implemented in our group classrooms in lieu of face shields on our younger students
  • All group classes will be recorded (teacher only) and streamed ONLY to other students who are enrolled in AZ Aspire Academy’s online program.
  • If your child is enrolled online for group classes, teachers will provide parents group lesson plans two weeks in advance in order to allow parents to follow along, pick up necessary supplies from campus in advance, and/ or to supervise certain activities.


  • As a result of various city ordinances in which our campuses are located, AZ Aspire Academy will be complying with the mask-wearing protocols requiring staff and students to wear a mask during school hours absent any CDC exceptions.
  • Each parent will fill out a form indicating whether their child will be wearing a mask or whether their child is exempt from such mask-wearing policies due to a CDC outlined exception (mental or physical health or disability, religion, etc.).
  • If a parent indicates that their child is exempt due to a CDC outlined exception, our staff will not be requiring your student to wear a mask.
  • If a parent indicates that their child does not fall within a CDC exception, that student will be responsible for wearing their mask during the school day, and although our staff will do their best to ensure the student wears the mask throughout the day, we cannot guarantee student compliance with the mask wearing policy at all times.

Absence Policy

  • AZ Aspire Academy’s absence policy will be forgiving this year, as we understand that it may be difficult for children to attend school as regularly during a pandemic. However, our online option allows for students who are unable to make it to campus on any given day of the week to get online with their teacher and continue schooling from home.
  • Any student who is diagnosed with COVID-19 will be dealt with on an individual basis regarding attendance.

School Closure Policy

  • If, under Doug Ducey’s orders, Arizona undergoes another stay-at-home order, AZ Aspire Academy will be closing that day and immediately transitioning to our online learning format for all students.
  • PLEASE NOTE that if a student or staff member at any campus is officially diagnosed with COVID- 19, AZ Aspire will close that campus location for 24 hours starting the next day. Maricopa County of Public Health will be notified and will recommend further action from there as they conduct an investigation. Parents will be notified via email and their children will automatically continue with our online teaching program with their same teacher for that period of time before being brought back to campus. If you personally interacted with the diagnosed student, you will also be personally notified.
  • If a student or staff was exposed (not diagnosed) with COVID-19, that student or staff member will be asked to stay home until they are tested negative for COVID-19 and are symptom free (or for 14 calendar days if a student), and parents will be notified of such exposure via email.
  • If students or staff are feeling exclusive symptoms of COVID-19 such as fever, vomiting, chills, body aches, and/ or loss of taste and smell, they will be sent home and asked to get a COVID-19 test and be symptom free before returning (or 10-day quarantine from first symptoms for students).
  • If students or staff are feeling allergy/cold symptoms that are also synonymous with COVID-19 and other chronic illnesses such as cough, sore throat, sneezing, runny nose, and/ or headaches, they will be sent home for the day and must be symptom free for 24 hours before returning to school.

Online to In Person Transitions

  • Students on campus may transition to our online program at any time, and vice versa. They will still be placed with their same teacher (absent exigent circumstances) and will still receive both one-to-one instruction as well as the option to participate virtually in our group classes.
  • Students who participate in online instruction can return to campus at any time for instruction so long as the student is symptom free.
  • Students who transition from in person instruction to online instruction will not lose their place if they choose to come back to campus at any time
  • We want parents to feel free to allow their children to learn from home at any time of the year depending on the safety and circumstances of each family.
  • Being able to transition back and forth between in person and online education is what makes AZ Aspire a unique learning option in these unusual times.


  • It is the duty and responsibility of each family to report any symptoms, diagnoses, and/ or exposure of their children to any COVID-19 related illnesses. This accountability keeps both our staff and our students safe, informed, and aware.
  • If a parent self-reports a child’s exposure to or diagnosis of COVID-19, other parents will be notified, but your child’s name will remain confidential. This information will also be relayed to public health officials for tracing and reporting purposes.
  • If you are unsure whether your child has been exposed to or diagnosed with COVID-19 but is demonstrating symptoms, please keep staff appraised of all updates, and keep your child home until he is symptom free for at least 24 hours. Please see the School Closure Policy for clarification.
  • Please also see ‘Arriving to School’ for details on doctors notes and parent notes regarding chronic illnesses.


  • Staff will be wearing masks and / or face shields with bandanas (if they cannot wear a mask) at all times during operating hours in order to maintain a safe and clean environment.
  • Several staff members at each campus will be wearing an apron around campus this year with disinfectant, wipes, hand sanitizer, and other cleaning supplies to help our students and facilities stay clean.
  • If a member of our staff is diagnosed with COVID-19, parents of that campus will be notified of such exposure via email, although the staff member’s name will remain anonymous. Any child who was taught by that teacher will receive additional notification. The campus where that staff member works will be shut down for 24 hours plus any additional time dictated by the Maricopa County Department of Public Health.
  • If a member of our staff is exposed to someone with COVID-19, they will be teaching remotely until they get tested or wait the requisite quarantine period (14 days). Your student can still come to campus during this time. They will go to their desks and connect via computer with their instructor or will be placed with a new temporary instructor.
  • Staff temperature will also be taken daily.
  • Our staff has been trained on heightened cleaning procedures, social distancing measures, and several other COVID-19 best practices that will be implemented at all AZ Aspire Academy locations.


  • Staff will be cleaning surfaces, sanitizing hands, and disinfecting computers and supplies constantly throughout the school day.
  • Chromebooks will be disinfected each night after school.
  • A staff member will go in between each student using the restroom and disinfect all major surfaces with a Lysol wipe.
  • Our cleaning team will deep clean the campus 5 times a week once the after-school program concludes for the day to decrease the spread of germs.


  • If a student or staff member travels outside of the US, we will ask them as a safety precaution to quarantine for ten days or to get a negative test result.
  • For students, this means that they will be able to learn virtually for that ten days, then be welcomed back to campus.
  • For staff members, we ask that they online teach for those ten days unless their students need one-to-one instruction in person, at which point another teacher will take their students for those ten days.
  • If a student or staff member travels within the US, quarantining procedures will be determined on the case-by-case basis by Campus Leads, Administration, and that student or staff member. This will be determined based on whether the CDC has identified a high community spread of coronavirus in the area that they traveled (for example, parts of Florida, Texas, etc., in groups of large people as opposed to camping, etc.).
  • Students and staff will be given a symptom checking questionnaire upon their return from vacation and will be asked to self-report any symptoms. If they traveled to a high-risk area within the US, they will be asked to quarantine in the same fashion outlined in the above guidelines outside of the US.
  • For more information on this, students and staff can visit the CDC’s FAQ for travelers.
  • As an overarching policy, AZ Aspire asks that students and staff be mindful of where they are traveling, how often they are traveling, and what activities they partake in during those travels so that we can keep our staff and students safe.

Parent Questions

  • If parents have questions or concerns regarding AZ Aspire policies or a specific instance on campus, please contact our Legal Operations Coordinator, Sierra Dodd ((623) 633-2883) or your Campus Lead.
  • If parents have questions about the community spread of the virus or any other big picture inquiries, please visit the FAQ page and/ or help line at The Maricopa County Department of Public Health FAQ for Parents and Caregivers