Below are some of our frequently asked questions which you may find helpful. If your question is not listed below or if you have any further questions please feel free to contact us.

What does one-to-one education on your terms mean for my child?

One-to-one education on your terms means that we not only provide one-to-one instruction for two core subject periods each day but we can also accommodate each student with which staff they work with, where they complete instruction,  and the time of day in which they are instructed.

What if  I cannot afford the tuition myself?

AZ Aspire Academy has many different payment options available to our students. We do not want tuition to be the reason for not attending one of our campuses. We accept ESA funding, district placements, as well as STO funding. AZ Aspire Academy has personnel to assist with funding options. Contact us for further information and assistance. 

Why do students attend AZ Aspire Academy?

AZ Aspire Academy is chosen by students and their family for a variety of different reasons. Our unique education design allows each and every student to succeed academically as well as people through one-to-one instruction and small group instruction. Our team is dedicated to making sure your child receives a fair education in a friendly and safe environment in which they truly enjoy coming into every school day. 

What grades or age group does AZ Aspire Academy accept?

AZ Aspire Academy is serving students from grades First through Twelfth. We also assist in academic or workforce placement after graduation. 

Does AZ Aspire Academy have students with special needs?

Yes! We have a very diverse student population with a variety of limitations and needs. A large portion of our population is on the Autism Spectrum.